21 Designs that clearly shows that they are the master piece

A designer should think out of the box and only then, he/she can earn the name they are looking for. Indeed, there is no doubt in this that the designer should always be creative enough to defeat their competitors. And to survive in the market, it is important to think of a design which is unique and in demand.

And today, we have come across with 21 such designs which totally shows that they are made to rule. By looking at these designs, you can understand how creative and extra ordinary a designer can be.

1- A bed with a platform

© HandyDadTv / facebook  

This seems so comfortable. Isn’t it? But more than that, it is also a very good use of space. This bed with a platform is all you need if you have a lot of things to keep but you don’t have enough space at your home.

2- Lighting chopsticks

© Tigersas / reddit  

Chopsticks isn’t something we haven’t seen till now. But have you ever seen this lighting chopstick? It indeed is something anyone would love to have.

3- Julius Cesar Pen holder

© neselo77 / imgur  

Ever read the famous drama of Shakespeare named Julius Cesar? It was a great lesson for every friend. And now, if you see this pen holder, you will for sure know what does it mean.

4- Space saving restaurant

© VobraX / reddit  

You must have seen many restaurants. And in almost every restaurant, you will see the same kind of sitting arrangement. But if you see this restaurant design, you will learn how to save the space and make the right use of it.

5- Fire extinguisher design

© taongbundok / reddit  

Generally you see the Fire extinguisher hanging in the wall very normally. But if you see this design, you will know how creative one can be.

6- Pill box water bottle

© UpperNeedleworker / reddit 

If you are bad on memory but have a lot of medicines to have daily, it is the best thing you can ever get. You will never need to remember which medicine you need to take on which day.

7- CD cover

© abanoub_kamal / reddit  

This CD cover for sure deserves to be in the list because of its OUT OF THE BOX design.

8- Can for a fisherman

© theangryantipodean / reddit  

It is a perfect can every fisherman should have while going on fishing.

9- A sign visible at night

© sab8a / reddit  

If you want something to be visible at night only, this is what you should own.

10- A toothpaste with a sliding key

© AllVeggiesNoEggs / reddit  

When you are left with no toothpaste. All you need is this sliding key which will help you to take out some toothpaste from the tube with no effort.

11- Landscape in an art piece

© PatFan282 / reddit  

It is something which looks really beautiful and for sure out of the box. Isn’t it?

12- A bicycle rack

© marcham93 / reddit  

Nothing can be better than writing Books in the design of a bicycle rack.

13- Charging drawers

© Botatitsbest / reddit  

Phones and powerbanks are costly. Hence, you can’t just keep them anywhere. But if you want to keep it somewhere safe, you can use this charging drawer where you can not only keep the phone safe but also charge it.

14- This entrance

© hookerwithappiness / reddit  

This entrance is made for the kids so that whenever they visit library, they can feel it is a library.

15- This line handrails

© alfredogzc / reddit  

If you haven’t visited Disney Land of Hong Kong, you must know that there is a line handrails where you can rest.

16- This staircase

© Zuthr4ne / reddit  

Writing a quote which will motivate the users to use the staircase over a lift is something very remarkable.

17- Book covers

© Horizon0D / reddit  

Writing the name of the book along with the part is what you need in order to save a lot of time.

18- This hoarding

© bigsmily / reddit  

Looking for a graphic designer it says. And by looking at the hoarding, we can understand how eagerly they are looking for one.

19- Bracelet that also charges

© twintheif / reddit  

Having a fashion bracelet is something that is cool and people must have. But if you have a bracelet that not only makes you look good but can also charge your devices, you will for sure love it. If you have it, you don’t need to keep a charger with you.

20- This rock climbing wall

© EviscerationNation / reddit

If you don’t want to swim or want to save yourself from it, all you need is this rock climbing wall which will do the work for you.

21-Smart plugs

© f03vral0n3 / reddit  

Having a plug which you can hold with your fingers by making your fingers stuck in between is for sure a smart plug.

So which one did you personally like? Please share your views over the same.

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