26 Pictures that will make you go Wow from Dubai

Dubai is indeed a beautiful place to visit. But what is it all about? Believe it or not, it is more than what you think it would be. Yes, Dubai is just not a beautiful place but is a place which you must visit at least once in a life.

 You must have read many things about Dubai but have you ever seen the beauty of Dubai? Well, apart from the desserts, there are many more things you can see, you can enjoy in the city.

 So let’s not waste time and see these pictures.

1- Dubai also has a PlayStation which is made up of gold. For sure, it is something for those who are RICH AF.

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2- Have you ever seen a jacuzzi amidst the clouds? Mostly you have seen it inside but if you see this, you will know what we exactly mean.

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3- Wait, what? Did I just see a spaceship on a road? Well, it is another picture from Dubai.

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4- For sure Tigers are adorable. But have you ever thought of keeping them as a pet? If you go to Dubai, you will surely think about it once.

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5- Is it a lion? Yes, it is. And no, the lion isn’t hunting the man. In fact, he is asking for some attention. Yay Human!

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6- A 350 pound gold brick in a shop window? This country for sure deserve some medal for this.

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7- Camels on the road? Aww that’s cute. But what if they stop your car in between the road? Um?

8-  Did you call for a taxi or a friend for playing PS2?

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9- Ever been to Starbucks? I’m sure you must have. But have you ever seen this version of Starbucks? Probably no! Because you can only find it in Dubai.

10- White teeth? Nah! Too old fashion. How about the golden one though?

11- No, it isn’t artificial. These discounted phones are really made up of gold.

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12- Do you like golden color? How about buying a car of gold?

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13- Ever had a dream of buying a Lamborghini? Well, that’s what the cops drive daily there.

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14- Ever seen this art piece of a kid on this expensive car?

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15- Looking for some gold jewellery? Why not to visit this place for once?

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16- Have an aquarium in your room? Too boring. How about having a room in an aquarium?

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17- Cool? For sure NOT COOL.

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18- Looking for a best partner in a flight? Here you can find some.

19- Buying an expensive ring for your loved ones? Wait, how about buying the most heaviest gold ring from Dubai?

20- Camel milk chocolate? This is what they eat daily.

21- Getting bored? Why not to watch the mermaid show? No, not in TV for sure.

22- Do you like dolphins? Why not to become one?

23- The face you made when you have some bills to pay.

24- Heard of advanced technology? Of course yes. But ever heard of Urinal units with touch screen?

25- Have a dream of making a floating house? Live your dream here.

26- Cravings for going to Kayaking? Why not to come to Dubai.

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So these are some of the rare pictures which shows how fun Dubai can be. So if you are planning to go somewhere, why not to go to Dubai?

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