A British explorer spent 60 days and street and the lesson he learned is amazing

Experiencing something new is always fun. And that’s what the former captain of British Army, ED Stafford believes. For  his new project which is a TV documentary, he spent around 60 days at streets and left his son, wife and his home for the period of time.

 And no, it wasn’t just a film but more an experiment. He had to live by keeping aside all the comforts including the basic needs such as money, food and shelter. And all he was doing in winters.

The main motive of doing this was to find out why people end up on the streets and how do they manage in the streets.

Talking about the facts, even in Britain, there are 320,000 people who have no home and it means that out of every 200 people, there will be one who doesn’t have any home. And you will find these in London and most of them are from military.

The ex military man is right now 43 years old and has lived in the streets of London, Manchester and Glasgow for 2 months in order to find the same.

It is not his very first time when he is doing something really strange. He has also walked the length of Amazon river which is around 4,000 miles and for the same, he has got his name mentioned in the Guinness book of world records in the year 2012.

For one of his project, he also had to live on Orolua Island without food, water, clothes and tools for more than 2 months. But according to him, the experience of living like a homeless man was the most difficult one for him till now. But the good part is that he earned a good amount of money which was somewhere around 100-200 euro per night. And it is something not every one can make in their job.

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In his task, he got enough food as the volunteers use to give free burgers to every one who is living in the streets and the quantity  was enough for the one.

And in such situations where people starve till death, he in fact put on 11 pounds in the span of time. However, some studies showed that if he continue eating this way, he will get some heart problems.

To make the experiment look natural, he also tried eating out of a trash can where he once found a salad. But while eating that, he found a chewing gum and had to stop eating the same.

He also used the toilet bowl water to have a bath many a times. By doing that and getting inside the toilet cubicle, he could take bath and clean his body.


 He also found that many beggars are living in the street for sometime just for the sake of earning money even after having a home. They did that so that they could earn some money and he was also told that by doing such things, these beggars earn 20 Euro within 20 minutes.

And that was the time he found out that there are many people who are not beggars in real but still living so that they can escape from work and earn money. Most of them spent their money on alcohol, drugs and home.

One of the beggar told that he earned around 600 euro per night by asking money from the people. According to one beggar, he also got an apartment from the government. He wanted to earn from a job but he was getting too less and hence, he found this way of earning.

 He finally understood that these people didn’t need money as much as they do need a psychological support. These people can earn money but they do not have someone who can talk to them. He found many friends there and also concluded that be it a fake beggar or a real one, he would never ever give handouts.

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Talking about how do they end up in the streets, they find difficulties there and ED told that after the expirement ended, he started living with the freedom and had no limitations.

People who are homeless now are those who have ran away fro their house due to their drug addicted parents or harsh parents.

In Manchester, he met a girl who was a mother of 6. she told that she was a model and did the campaigns for Debenhams and M&h.

But when her parents got divorce, she was just 13 and she had to stay with her mother who became a drug addict. When she turned 15, she fell in love with a guy and had a baby with him. She has become a drug addict too and now she is living here whereas her children lives with their father.

Dina not only invited Ed to her shelter but also shared her food with him. He also found people fighting in the streets and later on got threatened by the cops for getting arrested.

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He also told that one day he was sleeping and his bag got wet and he later found out that someone did pee on it.

He had to face many difficulties in living the life in streets. It was for sure a big change for him and he experienced a lot of things there.

What are your thoughts about the same? Did you ever see someone going homeless and begging into the streets?

Do you help the beggars? If yes, how do you figure out if they are genuine or the fake ones? Please do share your views, your thoughts with us.

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