Separated in world war 2, met after 75 years- A Real love story

Love has no limits, no age, no boundaries. If it is love, it is forever. We have heard things like this but in this era when people ditch each other just for getting married to a new person, we have lost our faith from love.  But not every story is incomplete. Some are for forever, for eternity. And talking about one such real life story, a couple met each other after 75 years.

In the times of world war 2, a young American soldier Kt Robbins met a girl named Jeannine in 1994. They knew they were falling for each other. They met twice or so but their developed feelings.

But just after the two months, the American soldier had to move to the Eastern front in order to have a fight against Axis powers. And they got separated.

But the destiny decided something else for them. It wasn’t the “THE END” of their story.

They met again but after 75 years. They met in Moselle and now Robbins is 97 while Jeannine is 92 years old.

In an interview with French 2, Robbins said- I told her maybe I’ll come back and take you, but it did not happen like that,.

After the world was ended in the year 1945, Jeannine started learning English phrases in the hope that he is going to come back.

However, Robbins joined the 26th infantry, first division in 1940 and returned back to America where he worked. And he also met a lady and got married to her. They were both employed for 50 years in Mississippi but she later on died in 2015.

On the other hand, Jeannine also got married and is now a mother to 5 children. But even after getting married to two different people, the couple still loved each other and Robbins had her black and white photo till now.

In an interview with a journalist, Robbins told about her first love and said maybe she is dead. But the journalist managed to track her and told him that she was still waiting for him.

They later on arranged a meeting for the couple in the same place where Jeannine is living.

In the meeting, Robbins said- I’ve always loved you. You haven’t got out of my heart ever.

Both had teary eyes and couldn’t control their emotions. They kissed each other several times and hugged each other tightly and later on, Robbins went back.

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