Signs that help you to understand what your baby is saying

Having a baby is indeed a blessing but being a parent, you must be careful and especially if it is your first baby, you must learn a lot about them in order to treat them the best.

 But we know that it is not possible to understand what your baby is trying to say especially when the baby is few months old. Hence, we have come up with the post where we will tell you how to understand what your baby is saying through their signs.

It will help you to know the baby and know if he is having any discomfort or something.

So let us start reading the same.

Why they cry

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Crying is a major problem because babies cry a lot. And during their first 4 months, you will hear 80% crying for everything. It will become difficult to know the reason of their crying.

A calling cry- if your baby is crying for like 5-6 seconds and then take a break and cry again, they are waiting for someone to love them. Because when they take a break which will be for 20 seconds around, they are expecting a reply. So if you see your baby crying like this, he is calling you.

Hungry cry- it can also start with a calling cry but when you ignore them, they will stop the pause and starts crying for long which will indicate that  they are hungry. To confirm the same, notice if they are making smacking sounds and rotating their head too.

Pain cry- Now this is the most important yet the toughest thing to know. You will not understand if he is in pain unless you find something. But if the pain can’t be seen, you can only make assumptions. If your baby is having pain, they will cry loud, constant and monotonous. However, if they feel sick, they sometime stop crying and be quiet too as they lose the strength to cry loud.

Cry because of physiological process- sometimes for defecation, gas or urination can cause discomfort and they cry. You will find their crying similar to whining and squeaking.

Cry because they want to sleep- if your baby wants to sleep but he isn’t able to, he will cry loud like he is offended. He will also yawn and rub his ears and eyes.

Cry because of irritation- Sometimes your baby can feel irritated due to anything that is bothering him. He will also cry for the same. If he is crying, check the clothes. Or maybe he is not feeling comfortable in the environment.

 An Australian peditician named Priscilla Dunstan is making a research on childhood sounds since 20 years. She has made the research on many babies. And hence, she knows what sounds a baby would make.

The sounds that they will make

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Neh- If your baby is trying to make a sound similar to Neh, then he is for sure hungry. He will also push his tongue up to the roof of his mouth so that you can know this.

Eh- If he is making this sound, it means that he is going to burp. He will try to release it from his mouth.

Owh- If you find this voice coming out of your baby, then it means that he is sleepy or very tired. You can also see him folding his lips before he yawns. So if he does that, it means that he is sleepy.

Heh- If you find this voice, it means that your baby is not feeling comfortable. He will also try to move and jerk his hands and feet. It will also indicate that he wants to go out of the place where you are.

Eairh- Okay, so this is a very weird sound but if you pay attention, you will find your baby making this sound. If he does, it means that he have a pain in his tummy or gas. He will also cry and will try to tell you.

By these signs, you will know how your baby is feeling. You may need to pay a lot of attention and see each and every activity of your baby wisely to know this.

Now let us move on the to next where we will learn how the movements can tell you about the baby. So let us read them all.

What their body language says

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Rotating the head- If the baby is rotating his head, nothing to worry about, he is good and calm. He will do it before he fall asleep.

Grabbing the ears- Many thinks that it is something serious but if he is doing it without crying, it means he is exploring. If he cries, then visit a doctor.

Clenching his fists– If he does that, he is hungry. He will do that so that you can know but if you don’t understand, he will start crying.

Lifting the legs- it means that the baby has a pain in his tummy and he is trying to feel relax by doing it.

Jerking the arms- It means that the baby has got frightened. Check if there is a change, bright light, loud sound or something which is making him curious. He needs to get comfortable and hence, you need to change the place or the thing that is causing him discomfort. It will take time but as soon as you change it, he will be back to normal.

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So that was about the body signs which will help you in understanding what your baby needs.

So these were the things which will surely help you to know what he is saying. Do try and let us know if it works or not.

If you have any suggestions or anything for us, please comment on the given comment section.

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