Some Sculptures having interesting stories behind them

You might have seen many sculptures till now. Some might have attracted you towards them or some might have left you indifferent. But do you know Stories behind the sculptures you have seen till now?

Sculptors try each and everything to make their sculptures perfect, whether it is violating the laws of physics or anything else. Here is the list of some sculptures which have interesting stories behind them. Lets have a look-

1- Full Size elephant

© Commons Wikimedia   © Сommons Wikimedia  

With the name itself you might have guessed what it is. Yes, it is a Giant sculpture of an Elephant. But This is not a sculpture for attraction in the park. The sculpture was made in the memory of an elephant late Jumbo. It was a circus elephant. Unfortunately, Jumbo was killed by a train accident when it was on the railway track.

This Statue is located in St. Thomas, canada. This savannah elephant is around 13 ft tall. Huge isn’t it? However, this isn’t the only sculpture of Jumbo. There is another sculpture which you can find in Tufts University in America. In reality, it isn’t a sculpture instead a stuffed elephant. This was made in his memory when Jumbo died.

2- The woman with a Bag

© Commons Wikimedia   © JulieMcCrossin / Twitter  

It is a monument which was made in the memory of Danuta Danielsson. She was a Swedish woman who is known for her civil bravery. This monument is in Växjö.

In 1985, When there was a demonstration of the Nordic Reich Party which a group of aggressive people. These people were supporting Nazi ideas.

The other people were trying to run out of this matter and didn’t do anything for it. Danuta was one who bravely hit the men with her handbag on their head. After her brave step, other people also got inspired and started to help her in throwing them out. As a result, the Neo- Nazis were compelled to hide in a bathroom of a train station and wait for the police.

This has made her an icon of bravery because of which lots of cards and statues of her with handbag were sold in the city.

3- Shark on the roof

© Commons Wikimedia  

Here is another statue to talk about which is known as Shark on the roof. This sculpture of shark is in Oxford, England. If you would see this sculpture you would think it as a huge fish which hits the roof of the house.

It may look funny to you but has a sad subtext. In reality that sculpture is based on the nagasaki attack. This scuplture was set at that place on 41st Anniversary of Nagasaki attack, and the Shark on the house is a symbol of bomb.

4- The red Brave Fico

© christinaabbott1111 / Instagram  

The red Brave Fico sculpture is based on a true story. This sculpture is of a Smalll red Fico (fiat) car which is pushing a massive tank into the ground.This sculpture is in Osijek, Croatia.

On June 27th 1991, when Yugoslavian Military troops entered the city, one of the citizen to show his disobedience to the enemy, parked his small red Fiat car in the way of enemy’s tanks. Since then, The Bravo Fico is famous.

Enemy’s destroyed the car, but as the whole incident was captured in a video, it was later telecasted on TV. This made the Car famous in the city and it became a symbol of the citizen’s spirit.

5- Boll Weevil Monument

Boll Weevil Monument---Enterprise, Al.---NRHP

It is a strange sculpture which shows a goddess of agriculture, fertility, grain crops and motherhood. The scuplture is set up in Enterprise, Albama. In this sculpture, you would notice that the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, Ceres is holding a pest boll weevil above her head.

The sculpture signifies that a difficult situation doesn’t end anything, It could be a chance for you for a fresh start. The story behind it also the one which says the same. In 1915, Boll weevils were increasing rapidly and in 3 years  they destroyed the cotton farms. Due to this the local farmers who were totally depended on cotton cultivation were worried as many of them became bankrupt.

There was no solution to deal with this situation. Then, as they had no other option, they decided to plant peanuts instead of cotton in their fields. This decision was the life changing point for them as they soon became rich because of peanut cultivation.

6- Man in the Bathroom

Grand Junction, CO -- Dalton Trumbo

Another Sculpture which you would definitely find strange is of a man in a Bath Tub who is writing and also playing with a toy duck. This unusual sculpture is in Grand Junction Colorado, US.

In reality, this sculpture is of Dalton Trumbo, who was a scriptwriter of movies. The movies he wrote include Spartacus, Roman Holiday and A guy named Joe. Due to his closeness to the US Communist party, he was blacklisted by Hollywood. As Dalton, refused to share names of other party members to the Congress, he was imprisoned for 11 months. 

The other people who were in the party gave members of all members to the Congress with a fear of imprisonment. Although, Dalton remained with them and called them victims as he was.

Dalton used to work in Bathroom mostly, therefore this sculpture of him is showing him in a bath tub. There was also a movie on him which was named as Trumbo, and the role of Dalton was portrayed by Bryan Cranston.

7- Knitting Mouse

© kkoolook / Reddit  

This sculpture is in Novosibirsk University campus in Russia. It was set there on 1st July 2003. This sculpture was made for scientists to show gratitude towards the lab rats.

The reason was that because of rats only, scientists are able to know so much about the molecular mechanism of disease and study of Genes

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