These 12 tricks will make your body feel better. Try it now

Our body is the machine where we live. And if the machine doesn’t work well, everything will be ruined. Hence, it is important to make our body fit and keep it alive forever.

 Even if you have a little pain in any part of your body, you will have the discomfort and you wouldn’t be able to concentrate for sure. But  here are some easy tricks which will for sure help you.

 Note that these tricks won’t replace your doctor’s meeting but for sure it can give you the relief from pain for at least some time.

So let us read the tricks and apply it carefully.

1-  To calm your nerves, simply blow on your thumb

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 If you have some uneasiness in your nerves going, then all you need to do is to blow on your thumbs. And talking about how does it work, since your thumb has an impact on vagus nerve and the vagus nerve controls the heart rate, it will simply make your heart rate slow and will also help in lower your body pressure. Hence, it will calm your body.

2- Mood swings? Hold a pencil between your teeth


If you are having some mood swings, you need to boost your mood. And for this, all you need to do is to hold a pencil between your teeth. But how would this work? Well, it will help you in activating your smile muscles and it will deceive the brain and will raise your spirit.

3-  Tickling throat? Scratch your ear

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We know how much annoyed one gets when they get a tickling throat. The main issue is that we even can’t do anything for it. But there is something that can be done. What? You can sooth your tickling throat by simply scratching your ear. The muscle spasm is the main which can get you the relief from the tickling throat. And when you scratch your ears, it will create a reflex in your throat which can also cause the muscle spasm.

4- Squeeze your left thumb for turning off the gag reflex

© Sweet Shalon’s / facebook   © Sweet Shalon’s / facebook 

We don’t have a proof of it since it is still not known if it is a specific nerve or just a distraction for the brain, but still it works so you can surely try the same.

5- Having severe nose bleeding? Press your upper gums


Nose bleeding is something serious. You should rather visit a doctor instead. But for the timing, if you press your upper gums, it will block the artery and your blood will stop coming out of your nose.

6- Is stubborn pills bothering you? Tilt your head forward

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If you are dealing with some hard to swallow capsules, it must be a difficult task for you. But if you drink a glass of water and tilt your head forward and not at all backward, it will help. If you do this like said, the capsules will float and will be back at your throat.

7-  Want to wake up your arm? Move your head around


Sleepy arms look like the dead ones. But if you want to wake it up, you can move the head around. Since it happens because of compression of the nerves in your neck, by loosing the neck muscles, it will be back to the normal and release the pressure in the arms.

8- Burned scars? Press the pad of your fingers on it.


We know how annoying these burned scars can be. It will be with your forever and will make you remember the time you had these. But if you want to get rid of them, you need to simply press the pad of your fingers on it and it will make the burnt area back to the normal. But do it when it got burnt now. It will make the skin temperature normal and hence, it won’t stay on you forever.

9-  Headache? Put your hands in cold water

If you put your hands under the cold water, it will immediately  increase the blood circulation in your body. And since a lot of nerves of your hands are connected with your brain, if you do it in your hands, it will have the best results. In case you have an injury in your hands, you can do the same with your feet too.

10- Scared of needles? Cough

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Yes, we are writing in sense. If you also have the fear of needles, you only need to cough. Talking about how and why does it work, if you cough, you will get the distraction in your brain. Also, it will increase your blood pressure and hence, your perception of pain will reduce. Also, you won’t even remember that you are getting an injection.

11- Toothache? Put an ice cube

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If you have a toothache and you want it to go, you need to put an ice cube on the back side of your hand between your thumb and index fingers. Talking about why does it work, the particular part of your hand has nerve pathways and it will carry the pain signal to your brain but if you put something cold like ice, it will block these signals.

12-  Hiccups? Get rid of it by raising your arms


Hiccups can be irritating. But if you want to get rid of it, you only need to raise your arms above your head and stretch it. Since you do it, it will reset your muscles of your diaphragm and stop it from contracting involuntary. But if in case it doesn’t work well for you, you can also drink some water in one go without taking a break.

So these were the hacks which will make your body pain go in minutes. If you have some other trick too, you can comment down and share it with us.

If you have a difficulty in doing any particular trick, please comment below and we will help.

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