These 21 people shows that some people will never age

When you are young, you look beautiful. You look ravishing and super energetic. But as you age, your glow starts fading, the wrinkles fades your glow, bad skin, grey hair and what not. You don’t feel young, you don’t feel alive as you use to feel.

 And this is something that happens with all of us. No matter how rich you are, how beautiful you are or how lucky you are, you will age no matter what.

It is something that all of us have to face. And hence, we accept the change without uttering a word. But there are few lucky people too who never gets old.

No, we are not talking about athletes here. We are talking about those lucky souls who looks ever green regardless of their age. They still look like they use to look in their young age.

And believe, us we are not lying. To prove the same, we have come up with the post where we are going to share the photo of those lucky 20 people we have come across who looks the same.


Let’s take a scroll.

1- Here is the picture of one of those lucky woman who is 43 but if you look at her, she looks like 18. she is the one in the middle of this photo.

2-  Meet her, she is Christie Brinkley. Can you guess how old she is? Well, she is literally 65 and she still is a photo model.

3- Are you crushing over this handsome hunk and thinks that he is in his 20s? Well, if you are thinking the same, you need a reality check. He is 52 and we are not LYING.

4- This man who has this amazing body is 50 years old now but we bet he is fitter then most of the men out here.

5- You will faint when you will know that this woman is 51 years old. Meet, Masako Mizutani.

6- a wife, a mother and now a grandmother. Zakline Berrido Pisano is literally a diva but she is 51 years old.

7- He is Milind Soman, an indian model and actor and believe it or not, he is 53 years old. Also, just for your information, he recently got married too.

8- Can you guess who is the mother here? Well, here is the picture of Anna Nystrom and her evergreen mother.

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9- Her name is Iman and she is a fashion model. She has turned 63 this year.

10- Meet this Indian actor who is famous worldwide not just for his looks but for his actions too. Hritik Roshan is 45 years old, a father of two son and is currently single now.

11- Indeed, she is a real beauty. Meet Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, a mother, an actor and former miss world. She is 45.

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12- her name is Kim Hee-ae and she is 52.

13- This man is Jared Leto and he is 47 years old.

14- Okay so she is a miss universe 1965 and is 72 years old now. Yes, Apasra Hongsakula is really 72.

15-  His name is BD Wong and he is 58.

16- This man is Pharrel Williams and is 46 now. But indeed, he doesn’t look like one.

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thank you GOD 🙏🏾

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17- It is tough to decide who is prettier? The mother or the daughter? Meet Yasmin Le Bon who is 54 years old now.

18- This American model named Carol is now 58 years old.

19- Meet Reese Witherspoon. Yes, she is a mother of a 19 years old daughter and she is 43 now.

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me and my "straight-shooter" ❤️

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20- This is a picture of an actress Polina Maximova. She is the one on the right and her mother is on the left side. But they really look like sisters.

21- Last but not the least, he is an Indian actor named Anil Kapoor who is a father of 3. But yet so young. How?

So these were the 21 people who is indeed young as they were. We can clearly see that age doesn’t matter and they are the living example of the saying says Age is just a number.

 What are your thoughts over the same? Please share your thoughts.

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