This Australian actress trolled the Celebrities like anything

If you know the Australian Actress Celeste Barber, you must be knowing how lively she is. And maybe, that’s the reason why she has a fan following of 4.5 million on her Instagram account.

 Recently, she has shared a parody pictures of celebrity’s perfect photos and proved that it was just a try of looking perfect. In her whole photo session, her husband also supported her quite well.

Today, we are going to share the hilarious pictures of Celeste Barber and the celebrities she copied.

1- Watching the whale can never be so interesting.

2- What you think you look like while applying an eyeliner VS how you actually look

3- The perfect picture of What you show on social media VS what you actually do in REAL LIFE.

4- How you want to live life VS how you actually live

5-What others think you look when you came out of water VS how you actually look

6-The kind of time you want to spend with your BFF VS the time you actually spend

7- When falling in love is not just a phrase anymore

8- When you try to do something out of the box

9- The fake SMILE you give while having something that you don’t like

10- When you are actually falling but you see a cute guy passing through

11- The moment when you feel like a Diva but you end up looking clumsy instead

12- The moment when you are finally trying to copy the JUSTIN BIEBER

13- The expression you want while sleeping VS the expression you get while sleeping

14- When you have tried doing something different but you know what is going to happen next

15- Trying to look wild? You have actually become one.

16- The morning selfie you want to take VS the morning selfie you took

17- When you are trying to pose while cleaning the house

18- Trying to seduce? Not today!

19- When you want to have fries but you are low on budget

20- Uber please?

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