This Aww story of Russian Vet who saved a tiger will melt your heart

This real life story is of Karen Dallakyan who is a vet and workd in Chelyabinsk. However, his name is famous world wide.

 Because of his committed work nature, he was also invited to work in US, Greece and even Moscow. He denied though. He is famous as he is always up for taking even the most critical cases related to animals.

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When being asked by the Bright Side, this famous Vet shared his story about his professional life.

He started his career as a vet and was born in Yerevan. But the moment he went to Chelyabinsk, he decided that he is going to work there only. When he found that in private clinics, people concentrate on earning more profits instead of caring animals, he started his own company.

 Talking about his first unusual patient, it was a leopard cub who was named as Garik and lived in a zoo. Because the cub didn’t get good diet, he has a lot of protein in his diet and hence, he had paralysis.

He had no hopes left. But Dallakyan helped him to cure. In fact, the cats also helped the cub by giving them a massage with their small paws and also bit them a little so that his body can work again.

 By taking care of him, he fell in love with the baby. And not only the cub, but he saved so many animals. Be it a monkey, Lion, wolves or swans, he saved many.

  The story that changed his life was about an animal again. One day when he was normally talking with one of his colleague, he told him that a tiger is very ill and he don’t know how to save him.

Then the tiger was brought in the city and he had a huge wound on his face. The pathological process already got spread to the tiger’s bone tissue.

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Доброе утро !

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The tiger was only 5 month old and when Dallakyan met him, he named him Jorik. For around 6 months, he was almost on the brink of death. After he came in his senses, he started ripping off the bandages and doing movements. He was getting better. Then after a surgery, he also started to purr.

 Then in order to take good care of him, Dallakyan started sleeping beside him, eating breakfast and also walked with him.

 and when he recovered, Dallakyan called the zoo and told them that he is good now and you can pick him. But when they came, they said that a part of his face is missing and hence, they will pick him after 6 months for skinning.

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But the vet didn’t feel it is right and he collected money to buy the tiger himself. He also asked many from the city and people also agreed to help him. When he finally brought the tiger, he sent him to the rehabilitation centre as well which was locate3d in Taiga.

 Because of this, the tiger got a family. It is a story of early 90s when it was difficult to search for something related to exotic animals. Not even google had enough sources to gather. But the vet managed to find and made him better again.

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He also visits different countries where he conducts a seminar and help others on the same.

 The lesson he learned is that you should follow your gut feeling. The heart never lies and it won’t show you the wrong way. He not only helped a tiger but many other animals such as bears and snakes too.

But according to his wife, these animals will never hurt him because animals know who is a good person and who is not. And they can also sense that the vet is trying to help them.

Later on, he also set up an animal protection fund called Save me. He opened some shelters for animals and he cured many.

Even now, he also organizes educational lectures, seminars and exhibitions so that everyone can get enough education on how to deal with animals and how to cure them even if it seems impossible.

 His fund also helps children. He said- I want to live to see the day when I no longer see any animals that were almost tortured.

He also believes that if you hope for the best, you will achieve what you are looking for. The chances will for sure increase. So the least one can do is to hope for the best no matter what situation is.

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Доброе утро!

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Indeed, he has a golden heart because he helps those animals who can’t speak and he tries his best to cure them.

There are few people now who does that. And if someone does that, we really should respect and help the person.

Animals are not just your best friend but also the lovely creatures of this earth. If the earth is for us, it is for them too. And hence, we all should love them and keep them safe.

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Even though you can’t adopt them, you still can feed them, protect them and do little things which will mean a lot for them. Feeding these babies will never look like a liability to anyone. And yes, animals never hurt us. Its us who are taking their place, their lives for our own good. If you want a change in a society, try to make one.  And trust me, life will be peaceful.

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